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Sutra is a thread; a thread of an idea or thought connecting one to another. The music of Ek Sutra is of the thread connecting the heart of the Seeker to the truth and wisdom laid down by the Masters.

As a collaboration with Viveick Rajagopalan, Isheeta Chakrvarty's debut EP holds 4 hand crafted pieces woven around traditional Indian music with fresh thought and lyrics centred around those of Kabir and Tukaram along with an Ode to the Devi, the Feminine. It is an artfully created sound firmly rooted in tradition which branches into a more global soundscape.


The EP features Isheeta on vocals with Viveick on mridangam and udu. New York based Ria Modak on classical acoustic guitar, Harmeet Manseta on keys, Umesh Warbhuvan  on percussion, Raghuraman Ramasubramanian on bass and legendary Algerian drummer-composer-singer Karim Ziad features on the very first song. Recorded primarily at TAG (The Audio Guys) Studio, the EP is mixed and mastered by Keshav Dhar.


Behind the voice that graces title soundtracks for Bollywood and Amazon blockbusters like Sultan and Mirzapur alike (to name a few), lies the soul of a vulnerable, fragile, bold, and provocative seeker, looking to heal wounds through the power of song. 

Singer-Songwriter, TED speaker, and contemporary Indian Vocalist Isheeta Chakrvarty trained in Hindustani Classical music before chance encounters with first-generation Indian jazz icons like Carlton Kitto and Louis Banks resulted in the birth of a hybrid seed that promises to bloom into one of the most innovative and creative voices in the Indian contemporary musical landscape, one firmly backed by the fearless and unapologetic musical explorations her recent independent releases stand testimony to.



Isheeta Chakrvarty

Isheeta Chakrvarty

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